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For over 25 years R.M.A. has specialised in gutter lining, glass fibre reinforced membranes and concrete gutters.

Our expertise in the application of composite laminates to suitable roof and gutter structures is unrivalled. We have designed and utilised spray systems for the simultaneous application of glass fibre rovings with modified polymer waterproofing materials. All our systems are unique and the result of a continual research and development program that not only creates new ideas in waterproofing technology but apply them on a day to day basis by staff who have a thorough understanding of what they are doing.

Following a long term extensive R&D Programme, we now offer our unique patented R.M.A. Solar Systems which are light years ahead of the competition.

The R.M.A. Solar Foil Gutter Lining System is a revolutionary new gutter lining system. It utilises a glass fibre reinforced Hypalon® backed material of immense tensile strength that can be folded and cold bonded ‘origami’ style to form a gutter liner that has no bolt protrusions or straps to break down and leak. The liner also has the advantage of being fully cold bonded to the sides of the gutter, which has the obvious advantage of not allowing condensation to drip behind the liner which is a common oversight in the design and installation of other gutter liners.

Licensed Specialist Contractors are being appointed throughout the country to provide nationwide coverage of the systems.

A further development of the same programme enabled us to develop a simplified version of our Sprayed Membrane Process Gun, which simultaneously sprays glass fibre rovings into refined waterproofing materials. The new system uses an aluminium coloured Hypalon® based material, which can be applied to corroded metal roof cladding, in particular to large surface areas.

Although we undertake contracts of every size, we specialize in very large scale contracts where budgets may not permit the work required to be undertaken in one phase.

Due to the unique nature of our systems we can undertake a scheduled programme of works to suit the clients budget requirements.

We have an excellent track record with this type of project and can provide references for at least three contracts that have been running for nearly five years.

Hypalon is a Registered Trade Mark of Du Pont

Project Overview

The Slough Ice Arena pictured opposite is typical of the type of project we specialise in. For years complex water penetration problems plagued the building. Our unique gutter lining system was applied to the corroded internal gutters, and a specially mixed glass fibre rich polymer coating applied to all abutments and detail work then the low pitched roof area finished off with our Sprayed Membrane Process. Please click on the image to enlarge.

Slough Ice Arena Enlarge
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