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Business Opportunities.

Our web site receives enquiries from all over the country and we have reluctantly declined many opportunities to tender. With the new systems being so much easier to apply the decision was made to appoint licensed contractors on a U.K. wide basis, this could be either as a supplement to an existing roofing contractor or as a new venture for an intelligent experienced person within the construction trade.

The training involved in applying our composite laminate systems requires a fairly intensive 3-4 week period and we offer on site help and assistance thereafter. Included in this training will be many aspects of our patented and intellectual property rights so a legally binding agreement along with a ‘franchise type fee’ will be required before any training can be undertaken.

This is a very specialist part of the market and we offer a unique product which with the advent of the internet means contractors can e-mail their surveys to us for any advice that our thirty years experience in this field may be able to help with. Over this period of time we have compiled a photographic file on the failure of most gutter lining products on the market as we have generally been called in to advise or to sort them out.
Our gutter lining system has been developed over a long period and is in comparative terms a very easy system to install with none of the vapour barrier trapping issues common with off the shelf inferior liners. It is our intention over the next year to visit and demonstrate to key specifiers and surveyors the failures of these products and to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that our system is superior.

We will engage only one specialist contractor for each county within the U.K. with the exception of Hampshire.
If you are interested please write to me, David Wiltshire, at the Freepost address (do not phone) giving a brief outline of your operations as a roofing contractor or your experience in the construction industry.