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The treatment of premature corrosion in metal sheeting

Many modern metal clad buildings built around the mid to late eighties are suffering from premature corrosion. This problem starts at the end of the manufacturing stage when the sheets are cut to size for installation. The shearing action damages the top coating and corrosion sets in from day one.

Unless maintenance staff inspect the roof on a regular basis most occupants of the building are unaware of this problem. If left untreated the cost implications for the owner of the building or the tenant on a full repairing lease (schedule of dilapidations) could be considerable.

We have been addressing this problem for nearly ten years and have developed an effective economical system for treatment.

The pictures opposite illustrate the type of corrosion we have encountered.

Stage one of treatment

Using specially designed preparation equipment we quickly remove all corrosion and get down to the bare metal we also prepare the adjoining Plastisol coating. Once the rust converter has dried a coating of zinc phosphate is applied to both the top of sheet as illustrated and to the underside.

Stage two of treatment

The final stage is two coats of specially formulated ultra heavy duty vinyl applied to the top of the sheet and one coat to the underside. Our highest specification treatment also includes the replacement of all trough located fixings with either zinc coated or stainless steel replacements, some clients ask why? Just look at the old fixing and remember that these are holding your roof sheeting on and bearing in mind the increase in high wind conditions make this whole treatment a wise precaution in every respect.