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The R.M.A. Concrete Gutter Lining System

Our system for treating concrete gutters on domestic properties combines a lining system impervious to the movement common with this type of construction. We also offer a high quality flexible white coating for the exposed outer surface of the gutter.The various stages of treatment are detailed below.

Most concrete gutter have been coated with waterproofing material at some stage in their life these generally only last two or three years. If they have not been treated the old oxidised bitumen coating is so brittle it has cracked and de-laminated. For proper treatment we have to remove at least the first three rows of tiles to remove all of the old coatings. In 99% of cases the old sarking felt has rotted away and if still present can be crumbled by hand. The two lower lines of battens are generally rotten and require replacement.

Old waterproofing material showing decay Removing tiles to expose rotten battens


We remove all old coatings to maximise the gutter capacity and seal any defective joints. The finished product is aluminium in colour which has excellent solar reflective properties and minimises thermal movement within the gutter structure. Unlike any other product on the market our finished system is a genuine seamless finish.

Gutter with old coating removed With coating applied


There is also the option of having the outside surface of the gutter refurbished. This includes the removal of all loose paint coats the application of a sealant in any open joint and the multiple application of a very high quality white polymer coating which is not only aesthetically pleasing it is a breathable waterproof coating.

We have undertaken a large number of concrete gutter installations and can provide many references as to the quality of our product and the unobtrusive, professional manner in which we carry out the work.

Concrete gutter showing cracks Polymer coating applied