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The R.M.A. Gutter Lining System

Our lining system works on the principal of completely isolating the water from the gutter surface. This has particular benefits for modern metal gutters and long span concrete gutters.

The system was originally designed to treat long span concrete gutters of which we have one on record that had slipped sideways over 25mm without creasing or damaging the liner or causing a leak. The liner still retains complete flexibility at minus 25 degrees centigrade and will not sag even at very high temperatures.

As with any product formed by using a number of component parts, use of the highest quality materials combined with expert application will produce a premium product. We specify all the component parts of our waterproofing systems to ensure that apart from being unique they are superior in quality.

As the two pictures opposite illustrate modern metal galvanising does not seem to cope with ponding water. 99% of industrial gutters do not drain correctly to the outlets. Corrosion will take hold and within a very short period of time, the gutter could be beyond treatment and a very costly, disruptive re-installation will have to be carried out.

Hypalon® based gutter liner.

After several years research and development we now offer Hypalon® based gutter liners. This laminated product has immense tensile strength and can be formed to any shape or size and unlike most other gutter lining products does not compromise the vapour barrier. It is ideal for syphonic gutter systems and like all our systems they are the only truly jointless guttering system.
The system has been developed over many years through our own gutter lining operations and has been designed for simple installation. We are appointing approved contractors throughout the U.K. and interested specialist contractors should refer to the ‘Business Opportunities’ tab for further details.

Our recent contracts include the treatment of a gutter for Southampton City Council as we hold MEWP licences we were able to undertake gutter treatment without the need for expensive obstructive scaffolding.

Our gutter lining system can be formed into any shape or size and with the aid of a laser we can improve the flow to the outlets without compromising the overall gutter capacity. This contract on a school building for Hampshire County Council proves beyond all reasonable doubt that this is the only system that can be specified for the more demanding situation. There were several right angled junctions with outlets plus many other abutments that only a genuine ‘jointless’ system could deal with.

Gutter Lining

Gutter Lining

RMA Roofing at work RMA Roofing at work

Stage One

The first picture illustrates the prepared metal surface once we have applied the rust converter, zinc phosphate and a fine surface sealing coat.
The second illustrates the high density foam layer which with the aid of a laser level is built-up to improve the falls to the outlets.

Prepared metal surface High density foam layer

Stage Two

Custom fabricated outlets are now inserted (siphonic gutter outlets are not disturbed) The R.M.A. Solar Foil Gutter Lining System is now installed. This liner is designed to accommodate exceptional thermal movement despite the fact that its ultra bright aluminium finish reflects the sun and reduces heat gain. As well as the refurbishment of failed gutters new gutters that have just been constructed can benefit from the liner being installed as jointing problems often cause leaks in newly constructed gutters.

Specially formulated coating applied glass fibre/polymer membrane

A cautionary note.

The photographs below are of an adjoining property to one of our recent installations. A roofing contractor had installed a one piece liner to the neighbouring gutter. The installation was totally incorrect and water had seeped in behind the liner and the fact that nobody addressed the rust problem initially resulted in trapped water accelerating the corrosion problem. The neighbour had paid this so called expert company the same amount that we charged to do the job properly.

All our installations carry an Insurance Backed Ten Year Guarantee and a Fifteen Year Guarantee is available subject to conditions, many local surveyors in Hampshire recommend our treatment as well as a number of high profile national practices.

Hypalon is a Registered Trade Mark of Du Pont

Incorrect installation of gutter lining Resultant corrosion