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Hypalon® Based Composite Laminates.


In the process of devising our gutter lining system we have formed reinforced Hypalon based laminates into virtually every shape and size imaginable. These laminates are so strong that it is impossible for a man to tear yet they have the flexibility to be ‘screwed up’ and to date we have yet to find a product to equal it in both flexibility and waterproofing capability.

We can spray apply this material to large surface areas with simultaneous glass fibre roving reinforcement or with extra reinforcement laminates in areas of high movement. The random glass fibre roving reinforced coating does not posses the immense tensile strength of the laid laminate process but has the advantage of being applied ‘in situ’ and its semi-liquid state on application allows complex detail work to be easily formed.

A continuous R&D programme is running to establish the limits to which both cured laminates and ‘in situ’ applications can be undertaken as well as experimentation with other composite laminate materials. As a roofing company we have always operated our own unique reinforced spray applied roofing systems which have been suitable for waterproofing unusual shaped structures. The equipment we designed was very complex and training took at least a year but our new system which utilises the Hypalon material is less complex and easier to use. When we designed our spray system in 1976 it was light years ahead of any roofing system available, our new systems are equally as advanced.

We are always interested in challenging projects and have a long history of solving complex water penetration problems that other companies have failed to solve. Such as an externally sited wind tunnel with approximately two hundred joints and abutments where negative pressure drew ponding water into the wind tunnel.