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The R.M.A. Sprayed Membrane Process

For over twenty five years we have applied our Sprayed Membrane Process to virtually every type of roof surface including large flat roofed blocks of flats for Portsmouth City Council, large out of town shopping malls and asbestos cement clad factories.

The system was originally devised to treat large aircraft hangars for the Ministry of Defence. The idea was to encapsulate the roof structure with a monolithic reinforced membrane coating that could withstand the effects of strong wind driven rain and snow around the ridge caps and sheeting joints. The spray system had to address the problem of spraying in windy conditions which is why the air-less system was developed to ensure that it was only the roof that received the coating.

As with all our systems they are designed to be applied with very little or no disruption to operations or activities under the roof structure.

Roof with Sprayed Membrane Process applied
We have now simplified our spray system to enable the use of the Hypalon® material on large scale surfaces. The process is so adaptable ‘on site’ laminates are easily formed in areas of extreme movement and vulnerable trough placed roof fixings sealed in with ease within the monolithic reinforced membrane coating.

Many of our flat and corrugated roof structures have been re-coated after the Ten Year Guarantee period. As the cost of treating an asphalt roof initially is less than 30% of the cost of re-asphalting benefits of this system become obvious in the long term as the cost of a re-coat is generally less than half that of the original cost.
Roof with Sprayed Membrane Process applied